Most common causes for video streaming/playing problems

We're thrilled to be able to offer full-length HD episodes on all our sites, along with the means to quickly and easily play and view them.  While everything runs smoothly and without a hitch the vast majority of the time, users may still occasionally come across the odd error or issue when trying to stream an episode on the site.  The most common causes and fixes to these streaming issues include:

  • A user having multiple simultaneous, active sessions (such as being logged in on a mobile device, and on a desktop browser, at the same time).  This can create conflicts in streaming permissions. You'll want to be sure you've logged out of any devices you aren't currently using so that permissions on the device you are using operate well.
  • If you've been logged in one a single session for more than 10 hours, you may need to log out then log back in to re-enable streaming. Because of some devices' and browsers' settings, it might be best to click the LOG OFF button, then re-logging in, as opposed to simply closing a browser window.
  • Out of date browsers can oftentimes have issues playing large media files.  While our sites are compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers, you'll want to be sure you keep your browsers and operating systems up to date.
  • Slow or intermittent internet connections can also create video streaming issues.  Thankfully, this issue is easy enough to fix - click the "Watch Movie" button under all our episodes, and choose to play the 480p or 720p version.  Our sites default to playing the full 1080p, HD version of every episode to provide highest quality images and experience.  For most users accessing the site via high-speed internet, this means full HD video at super fast speeds.  If you're on a mobile data connection, have slower internet, or weaker signal, choosing to stream the smaller video size options with lower resolution will usually resolve any issues.
  • VPNs can often create problems when trying to stream videos on (particularly a mobile) device.  We'd recommend temporarily pausing your VPN to see if that helps resolve the issue.