Transaction declined, but still charged?

If your attempted transaction to subscribe to one of our sites was declined, but it looks like you were still charged for that transaction, don't worry!  Most likely it's just a pre-authorization that is showing up on your card statement, and it will never progress beyond "Pending" - it will drop off your statement in a day or two without you being charged.

This doesn't happen often, but on the rare occasion it does happen it's usually with a non-US customer who is being declined by our processor because of a billing address mismatch (the one entered during checkout does not match the one associated with your card).  If you're certain you entered the correct address during checkout, it could simply be a formatting issue - because our primary credit card processor is mostly used to dealing with US addresses, the different formatting of a non-US address or postal code might cause them to deny your attempted transaction.

Our backup processors - Epoch/PayPal, where you can even use an existing PayPal account for maximum convenience; our Alternate credit card processor, showing up on the enroll page as "Credit Card (Alternate)" - tend to be more familiar with non-US address formatting so you'll likely be able to use them without any issues.

If any pending charges don't drop off your account in a day or two, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll look into the issue for you and make sure you're taken care of!