Transaction declined, but still charged?

If your attempted transaction to subscribe to one of our sites was declined, but it looks like you were still charged for that transaction, don't worry! Most likely it's just a pre-authorization that is showing up on your card statement, and it will never progress beyond "Pending" - it will drop off your statement in a day or two without you being charged. This doesn't happen often, but on the rare occasion it does happen it's usually with a non-US customer who is being declined by our processo...

Declined credit card transactions

Attempted to subscribe to one of our sites, only to have your credit card transaction declined? The most common reasons behind a declined transaction are: - User input errors - a missing number, typo, incorrectly-entered piece of information. Please doublecheck the information you're submitting for errors and try again as this will usually fix the problem. - Attempting to use a card we do not accept and that is not part of our network (for instance, we do not accept American Express). ...

How will a transaction appear on my card statement?

Transactions will appear on credit card statements in discreet fashion.

Billing Processor Contact Information

Contacting the third party billing processor who handles your subscription payment is easy, and we provide their contact information here.

How do I update my billing information?

There are many reasons you might want to update your billing information. - You've moved or are using a new e-mail address, so billing and contact information has changed. - Your credit card will be expiring soon, so you want to update your CC info so that your subscription isn't interrupted. - You want to use a different credit card than the one you initially signed up with. BCF and HCF have handy, self-service account management pages where you can update all of this information y...

Gift Card Subscriptions

Using popular retail gift cards is a secure, anonymous, easy way to get instant access to our websites.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Methods of payment that we accept in our network of sites, for digital and physical product purchases and subscriptions.