How do I report pirated content?

First and foremost, thank you for thinking about reporting pirated content you've come across!

We love free stuff just as much as anyone else, but the plain and simple fact of the matter is it does cost money to produce our content, and we need to make money to be able to deliver the models and content you love.

It costs money to recruit models, fly them out for productions, test them, film them, pay videographers and editors, have studio space, have powerful and modern servers to deliver videos, buy cameras, and so on.  

We're thrilled and even humbled so many of our fans choose to spend their hard-earned money on the goods and services we produce, and work very hard to earn the patronage of those who've yet to subscribe to our sites or buy any of our products.

If you spot any of our content distributed without our authorization or permission or you suspect it's being distributed illegally, please do feel free to reach out to us here.  We'll even show our appreciation with a little gift as thanks for your reporting the piracy!